M Town Tour is your moment with BMW M. Immerse yourself in every detail of our newest vehicles as they come to your local BMW Center for an exclusive event. Experience the awe of M, then take an exclusive test-drive to unlock the true meaning of high-performance engineering. Test drive models include the first-ever XM, the all-electric i4 M50, and the legendary M3 Competition. For more information on these models, continue below.
  • Please note, not all BMW Centers are participating in M Town Tour.


Engineering perfection makes the first-ever BMW XM standout amongst stunners. From its high-performance electric motor to impressive torque and M Sport Differentials, the beauty is in the details. See for yourself in the most powerful SUV in M history.

iX M60

Get behind the wheel of the 100% electric BMW iX M60 to feel the unrivaled agility and precision that come together in full force. With BMW M engineering and dual electric motors that deliver up to 610 hp, this is the new benchmark for performance.

i4 M50

The class-defining i4 M50 combines power and efficiency to go all-in on all-electric. Take charge in a true trailblazer, equipped with dual electric motors packing up to 536 hp. Sporting all the standards of BMW M — handling and agility take center stage.

M3 Competition

Be a force in the BMW M3 Competition, a scene-stealing extreme sports sedan. The intelligent capabilities of BMW M bridge xDrive and performance engineering to make every drive an experience. Add a dash equipped with immersive innovations and you’re all set to take on the road with confidence.